Before I start sharing my experience, I would like to say that I choose to write on those topic about which I personally practice my life on & has benefited from.

Snippets of our NO TV life

No Tv (Television) life! How does it sound?!

Will you be surprised if I tell you that we don’t have a TV in our house since years. And trust me we are not missing out on anything. Nor my children.

From where did it all start..

This was a conscious decision that We (me & my husband) took, not because of any financial issue but for our parenting life sanity (which we realized later). Yes, you heard that right! We really didn’t think too much while deciding for No TV life. Now after years of practicing this lifestyle, I can say that it has only brought positive impact on us & on our life. At first, we were not sure of how life would be without it. Later we realized that this lifestyle brought many good and positive aspects in ours as well as our children’s life. Trust me, it changed our lifestyle for greater good.

I believe in sharing such personal experiences with you all with the hope that may be somewhere to someone such an experience can be of some help.

No TV life – A way to get the best out of 24 hours.

Surely will bring out the best in you..

Well, everything on this Earth, has it’s pros and cons. It depends on us what we take from it & what not.

What is the role of a Television?

To spread awareness in various fields like politics, current affairs, various industry sectors, etc. The same purpose can be served by the smart phones everyone possess.

Then comes the question why on phone? Why not on Tv? Because on phone it’s comparatively easier to limit the screen time. I have noticed at a lot of places that TV is switched on only to fill the void or silence around the house.

Have you ever given a thought on how many hours a day, your binge watching TV might be consuming? Honestly, it will be equal to the hours where a person can end up doing several other creative things even after a tiring office/ household work & later comes out happy & satisfied.

Also if only & as long as we are able to control the view time till half an hour to an hour , then it is not going to hurt much. That’s called utilizing the time wisely.

Now, talking about parenting life: personally, I won’t recommend TV policy to any parents.😃 It will make life difficult not otherwise. Believe me, It’s not going to do any good either to you or your kids. And without it, it’s definitely going to be fuss free life with time management. It will bring you mental peace and will make your parenting job easier. And all the void time that a TV would be filling is filled with family time , self time or is spent in some creative stuff.

When is the best time to go for NO TV life?(Incase already a serial TV viewer)

As early as possible & just before becoming a parent.😃 Yes!! I am not joking.

I agree that for a bit of relaxation and entertainment, people watch Television, which is Okay but only if its limited & doesn’t make you lounging for long hours every single day. With time, your kids also start to adapt the binging habits & later it troubles you & them unknowingly.

My only point is, restrict screen time for your children & also for yourself. It’s not doing any good to you in any form. Playing on a TV for your kids might be good for parents sanity but only for time being not for long run. Television honestly consumes most of your valuable time where you can come out with so much more for yourself and your kids.

Honestly my kids are allowed to watch Television when they visit somebody else’s house along with us. That way they are aware of the TV Fact. Which also helps to keep a balance in certain way.

What I am glad about is that, my elder one never asks why we don’t have a TV even when he knows all his friends have it. I think the fact has settled in him that just like any other thing TV is just an item that one can have or can not have and it’s not a big deal. He would say we have a tree in garden and his xxx or yyy friend does not have it. Children adapt things at early age.

Consequences of having a Television-

  • Long hours of lounging
  • Getting slowly addicted to screen time with increasing hours
  • Non-productive days
  • Dissatisfactory feeling at the end of the day
  • Affects child’s brain development
  • Fussy kids arguing over for some more screen time
  • With the kids being around, it’s difficult to set up a strict routine regarding watching stuffs on television
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Advantages of having NO TV –

  • saves unnecessary binge watch for long hours
  • Saves a lot of time to manifest in other creative things
  • Makes your day productive, healthy & satisfied
  • Left with more time to discover new things in life.
  • Gives you enough time to compile your daily chores
  • Sets up an example for generations to come
  • A way of minimalism ( )

Though it might sound easy to imbibe in your lifestyle but you may find difficulties at the beginning.

Save your TV time & instead do these !

  1. Go out in the nature & breathe fresh air
  2. Spend time with your kids doing something fun, playing with them
  3. Read a book of your choice
  4. Take some time to create something of your choice (crafts, painting, gardening, music, dance)
  5. Manifest the time in your own health & fitness
  6. Play a board game or any kind of mind game.

“No TV life can do wonders too! A new way of lifestyle” – Mamma_mita

Nothing starts with just a click. It takes consistency & will power. No TV life is not at all difficult if you really want to do it.

A critical reason why we as a family, end up finishing peacefully our daily routine chores & much more with two kids without any help is that we make the best out of 24 hours given to us. That’s exactly one of the mantra of our healthy & Happy Parenting Life!

How to start with?

If you are already a binge watcher then start with limiting the watch time. Set a particular time for watching TV. No matter what, switch off the TV on time. Then gradually stop it. Even for a bachelor life, no tv life will end up making you come out with so much more. You will be left with enormous time even after a tiring office work. This basically refrains you from all the unnecessary chaos, information & moreover screen time, which affects your lifestyle & your mental health.

To wrap it up, sharing few bits of how I utilize my no tv time & end the day happy, satisfied & and a sense of purpose.

Crafts from easily available resources . We didn’t pluck the leaves but collected from the road.
Gardening while teaching the little one some of the basics of it. Learning together❤️
  1. Planning for the next day
  2. Homeschooling plan for the kids
  3. Daily household chores without help
  4. Playing with the kids
  5. Some days doing our crafts together
  6. Gardening
  7. Blogging for new moms
  8. Creating healthy recipes for kids & babies in our YouTube channel – Mommy’s Little Chef RR
  9. Sharing my daily life on insta to motivate other moms
  10. working towards leading a purpose driven life
  11. The latest one on the list is a new found love for fitness

Hope the blog brings a good change in your habits. May you benefit from it. Looking forward to your valuable comments.

Wish you all Happy & healthy lifestyle!☺️