Minimalistic life

Minimalism is a way of living with limited things or rather with sufficient things, saving the unnecessary expenditure and to some extent taking a step towards environmental change. It’s really a mindful process and bringing this into practice needs only a determined mind and conscious thinking.

Initially to lead a Minimalistic life, one does have difficulties in terms of Why, How, & When?!

With practice & conscious decision-making, one is able to live this life & later comes out happier than ever. Specially knowing the fact that you are saving a lot on unnecessary stuffs, hence minimizing wastage, bringing a change in environmental issues and passing on this practice or customs to next generations.

Before you take this journey ahead you need to have realization on its cause and consequences. That concept would lead you to first step in this process.

If we develop fair understanding between our need & want, MINIMALISM will fall in place.”


Firstly, for yourself. Indirectly or directly you end up helping yourself in a good savings. And then translate that to helping others in need.(I am talking about genuine help & donations). And at the end it will lead to minimal wastage of things, which will make you feel a responsible person.


In our daily life, we end up buying many stuffs, at the end, just to realise that we did not really need it. First sorting things in your mind. what are the items you need & then the items you want. Act on the items you need first and then slowly minimize the stuff you want. Things that are really not needed and can be done absolutely without.

If that doesn’t help, start from decluttering your wardrobe, house items. Check your wardrobe/s, how much you have and how much you are actually using. Sort the stuffs you are not using. Sort the stuffs which you can make use of, in other things.

Try to find out ways in which you restrict yourself from buying stuffs which are useless.


For everything the time is Now! You must have heard it. I will suggest to believe in it as well.

Things that fool you and make you fall prey to excess shopping –

  • When we see the offers at supermarkets on certain products, (that is a trick to persuade customers to buy more even if you don’t need that much). Try to avoid falling a prey to those scheme and stick to buying only what you need.

My journey towards it!

Honestly, it all started with a thought that, as I don’t earn anymore I should be careful enough in spending on things. It was random. After I became a Mother, I didn’t want to spend unnecessarily. I felt like taking up this journey and with time it only brought me peace of mind, knowing that I am doing my bit in environmental change, refraining myself from unnecessary expenditure on textiles, other stuffs and bringing changes in so many other ways. I have always been a minimalist in terms of buying clothes, accessories. Slowly I started decluttering things in the house including huge number of toys, clothes that I stupidly bought, being a first time mother. Either I give away the stuff to needy or sell it. In this whole process I have realized that we really buy certain things which we don’t even use for what it’s worth or we don’t really need. So, I started with less shopping of things that I don’t really need. Because that is the part where I needed to start with.

I also tried a formula. Every time I feel that I want something but not really sure if it’s actually needed , I would go to shops and not really take it just to check if my next weeks could go without it. This helped me realize what’s important over time. Now weighing this need vs want has developed in me over time.

When I became a mother for first time, I was just like any other mother who would want every damn thing for her kid. In the process of motherhood I realized it’s just the love and some basic things that a child needs to grow. Everything on top is not really adding any value.

It got more intense with the feeling, when I would see my baby not playing with the toys but rather with the cooking utensils, a paper, almost every single thing that is not a toy (according to us adults). Every household stuff would interest the kids more than the toys we would be buying for them.

Environment change is real!

In this process of minimalism, I came to know about excess textiles use, excess plastic use affecting our environment, severe climate change. Yes!! It might be cheaper for you but at the cost of environment.

I have not bought any clothes for more than a year as I felt no need of it. I am not the one who follows every fashion trends. Little we know how fast fashion is affecting the environment severely.

Many clothing brands exploit the workers by taking the maximum profit to themselves and not to the workers at the ground level. I keep myself away from brands which sell items at cheaper price so that people can buy more and more even if they don’t really need it. I stopped shopping excess textiles for myself after I gained knowledge on its impact on the environment and climate change.

During my maternity, I bought three maternity dresses to fit in during my outings and a vacation trip. And I feel now, even that was also not required. I am still very much using the sport shoes that I bought more than four years back!!

Look for the clothes in your wardrobe, the shoes collection, the number of unnecessary toys we buy for our kids & the food items which rots in refrigerator, because of not being used for longer time & hence ends up being thrown away. So many unused things around.

Have you ever imagined, how many times you have worn those new pair of shoes or new pair of dresses & then thinking of buying more. Mostly, we wear to impress more than feeling comfortable in it. We buy certain stuffs to show off more than we need it literally. There is where the problem arises.

When I speak about this particular topic, I hardly remember the exact date and time I started taking conscious decisions towards being minimalistic. It was a random decision and gradually it became a priority and now a way of life. Being minimalistic is one of the secret of my happiness. This made me more resilient, mindful expense, spending wisely, an environmentalist (to a certain extent). It has been a conscious decision over the years and has certainly made me happy as a person and more responsible towards the environment as well.

I am still on the verge of it and need to do so much. Minimalism is such a wide perspective to follow. It’s Just a start that you need. Atleast I am happy that we have started long back and my children can understand and take up this if they like.

I also thought of not buying plastic toys anymore but the wooden toys comes very expensive and I just can’t cut short in toys too much as I shouldn’t be spoiling my kids childhood by not letting them play with toys. But again this is limited. Now I try to engage the kids in building board toys or something using materials at home. This keeps them busy and excited.

Other aspects of Minimalist

  • It plays a great and positive role in climate change.
  • It also includes buying second hand items or used things like toys, furnitures, etc.
  • Consider borrowing used toys as much as possible.
  • Do less fast fashion shopping.
  • Buy stuffs as much as you need. Don’t let those offers trick you.
  • Use a cloth bag or any recycled bag while buying groceries instead of buying those plastic bags everytime you go for shopping.

Everything in life is like addiction! You choose,what you want to be addicted to!

Notes to take into consideration before taking up minimalism

  • Create a version of minimalism that works best for you and your family – There is a big difference between less and nothing and it depends on you to determine what works best for you.
  • Never feel guilty of things that brings the creative in you – Take stock of what adds value to your life. And don’t feel guilty for keeping those items.
  • Own less for more space, love and connection – Start removing items that you don’t really need and focus on things that bring your family joy.
  • Look for your key happiness in true sense – Start finding happiness in things which really take you to new heights. Look for Long term happiness factors. Things that make you really happy and can stay with you forever.
  • Everything is infact momentary but its up to you to work for the moments you want to last forever.

Having said that, I am still a work in progress. At least now I am a happier and a more content version of me who is improving with each passing day.

With this blog I want to convey that minimalistic life is a vast topic to conquer. Trust me, it didn’t happen in a fraction of second to me as well, rather it took some time. And now, I can proudly say that I don’t really fall into that fast fashion shopping trend. I do go to malls, but very rare and I come back only with essential items and honestly with stuffs for my kids. (I still have a bit of the mom in me who thinks so much before spending 20euro on leggings for myself but end up buying 50 euros stuff for kids😃)

This minimalistic life of mine (no matter how far it has reached) has brought an immense sense of responsibility within me , for the needy people around me and helped develop creative ways of using the existing stuffs and recycling it.

I realised with time, Happiness is not anything that is external, rather its a feeling within you, knowing your capabilities and putting it at its best!

Here are few of the ideas I have been working on to cut short the extra expenditure on certain things

  • Making a box out of cartons for the storage of toys instead of buying those plastic baskets .
  • Recycling a storage jar for kitchen essentials out of the glass containers instead of buying new.
  • Creating a show piece out of paper waste or glass bottles as a decor.
  • Using the caps of milk bottles to create an art.
  • If we look around we will find many waste which can be brought to real life usage by recycling and recreating.
  • Less shopping of textile & reusing old clothes.

To be honest, the T-shirt I am flaunting here, I bought few days back, almost after a year!
And the jeans and shoes are from four years back & I am still using it.

Living with less can lead to so much more.

Love❤️ & Regards🙏