A Father and beyond 🧿❤️

It’s Father’s day and Fathers, we say, are head of the family. I will not give any explanation as we all are very much aware about a Father’s role in family care, finances , bread earner, etc. etc. The list just goes on and on…

A Father is born when a child is born. Rather a child makes one a FATHER!👨‍👦

I am going to say something about a Father (in general) which we probably don’t give so much thoughts to.

A Father is that member of the family who is silently taking care of his family’s needs without any expectations. That’s really selfless ! And even if he expects little things, that’s when the child becomes an adult. For me, it’s absolutely fine to do so. A Father is a person who has hardly ever shopped anything for himself. A Father is a person who secretly eyes on your happiness, sorrows and requirements and is there for you without making anybody realise what a biggie he is in a child’s life.

I never thought that my life would be so much fulfilling with the Father of our children and my husband. The more I am knowing him the more I am relating him with my Father. Yes!! You heard that right! Why?? Because a father is not supposed to be only the bread earner of the family but he has to be always there for his children, with his presence, both emotionally & physically and at the best of his abilities.

This Father’s Day, I cant just let it go without talking about my Father and uncle (Father figure since our childhood) who has been continuously doing everything for me & my brother.

A small abstract which I think will give a gist about personality of my father and also because I can’t let go the opportunity of remembering the things he has been doing it for me and my sibling.

My Father (I remember)

  • recharging my phone’s call balance even while I was earning. And always refused to pick my call , instead called me back.
  • buying me my favorite soft toy bag. (expensive)
  • being supportive to my career decisions when everyone else was asking me to pursue something against my wish.
  • bringing me a handful of cashews (my favorite) on his way back home from his duty.
  • asking me to take a general ticket and hop in the general compartment of a train (while me imagining why my father is being so hard on me where he could have easily asked me to refer his name to the ticket checker and get a seat instead). That was a lesson he wanted me to learn about life. You don’t get everything easily.
  • my father interrupted his sleep or rather had sleepless nights just because me and my brother would continuously hang on him while sleeping (such brats we were) and he being easy on us while we do the same. since childhood me, my brother, my mother and my father used to sleep on the same big bed. And we used to sleep till we were college going brats and even after that.
  • watching my father helping each and every colleague of him in need. Even to the extent of getting up in midnight and attending their issues.
  • my father coming to school to pick up us after returning from his tiring duty.(the day when me and my brother were without bikes).
  • my father being a secret keeper, adviser to every extended family member confiding in him.
  • my father along with my mother visited me in a foreign country just to help me with my new born. Spending their expenses just to be with me during my much needed time.
  • my father giving me extra pocket money during my hostel days without any questioning and extra to take a rickshaw to my college.
  • my father rectifying me in every wrong step I took.
  • my father loving me equally as my brother and has never ever made any difference between us.
  • My father picking up and dropping off my friends on my bday party just for me to have some amazing time on my special day and making sure my friends reach home safe.
  • my father saying to my husband just after our marriage that to allow me to sleep for a bit long in the morning as that’s my only weakness (as if he knew that very soon everything will be dream once I have my babies) – daddy are you reading this?!😃(but now I am an early riser which my father has been trying hard since my school days)

Honestly, while writing this I didn’t need to think much like any other blog post of mine. This is more like walking down the memory lanes and picking up some beautiful pages of life. There are so many things I can just keep writing about it but it will be like never ending story (instead I will be writing to him personally.)

My Father’s name is Sri. Pradyumna kumar Choudhury. I am very humbled, grateful, blessed or say lucky of how he has shaped our (me and my brother’s) future, imbibing his values on us and the human he is.

I can’t let go this opportunity without talking about my uncle Sri. Ajaya Kumar who has been a Father figure to us since we were born and more of somebody who is so crucial part of our lives.

He is not a serious kind of a Father. He is damn funny and very light hearted who saved us from our hunter wali amma everytime. 😅 He would be doing exactly opposite of our mom’s wish, for us to feel loved, spoil us and sometimes would argue with her because of us. 😛 He is our English homeschooling teacher. He is a person who does everything for everybody he knows. He has shaped us or rather I would say spoiled us by being there and fighting for our every small desire for a good reason. Sometimes he would buy us our favorite dress , sometimes he would bring us our favorite food, sometimes calling us his puppies, dogs. He would also take us to school by local trains (which by that time took one hour when my father was away on his duty). He is more a friend to us than anything else. I feel like his presence in our life was much needed. And our family is complete because of him. Also there has not been a single thing or celebration without him.

This Father’s Day, I am also grateful for my husband who has been a wonderful Father to our children. I really mean it. (And if you want to know more about us as a family or my husband as a father please visit my IG profile where I share snippets of our life).https://www.instagram.com/mamma_mita/

The one who has been equally involved and engaged in parenting our children. When I married him I never knew this side of him. And what is more beautiful is to see him learning things for the sake of our children and giving a helping hand whenever he can.

He has been bang on father to our children. He does everything. You name it and he does it. Even changing the nappies(if needed).

Talking about my children’s Father would be a never ending talk. I mean it and I address the little little things he does for our children and how beautifully and smoothly he performs his roles, It’s not that he knows all about how to handle the responsibility of a Father but more important is his will power to learn each day and practice it in our daily life.

From waking up till going to bed when a Father is available for his children, a child wants nothing more. 😀 I have seen my then boyfriend, now husband and Father, growing each day with his thoughts, caring nature, love for the family. He is a Father who always takes note of things needed for his children. That also includes children looking out for emotional support or seeking a Father to be there for companionship. And he would give a glance to our children no matter how much busy he is in his work.

Having said so, he doesn’t ignore his work as well. He loves his work. Even after the babies go to bed he will finish up his pending office work that was supposed to be done that day.

A moment of love❤️

He is a Father who feeds, changes nappy (on requirement), gives them shower, takes them for a walk, plays, cooks their favorite dish and what not! I have seen him as a son to his parents, then boyfriend, then husband, also a son in law, then father. It’s amazing how he has transformed himself to a man who my children will look upto. I am blessed by his presence in our life.

Having said so, I also know some other people who are a wonderful Father to their respective children. I admire all of them. I mean it.

Its more important to grow a Happy Family than a Wealthy Family!😊

We are so much lost in this feminism world that we hardly talk about men who are good fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and many more roles that they fulfill. Let’s start talking about such Fathers. They do exists but certainly not much talked about. Let’s give them their much deserved dues.☺️

We all say Father is the bread earner of the family! A Father is someone, on whom you can rely upon for anything. So, a father may not tell his children that how much he loves you, cares for you, worries about you and how he feels when you are inattentive towards him. He has emotions, love, care and everything else that is well beyond you.

Start taking care of your old parents if you are not doing it already. When they grow old they become like a child. Many may find certain things irritating about them. It’s just like when you were a baby they stood by you, did for you, cared of you. when you were a child he has been doing exactly the same but full of love and care! Now it’s your turn, rather an opportunity, to take care of them at their old age. They need you! Most importantly they want you! That’s what they need most during their old days. Your presence physically & emotionally matters to them.

Togetherness is beautiful!❤️

To all the Fathers out there who are not only a bread earner for their family but are equally involved in raising their children I bow to you and you are an amazing Father! It’s all about doing it together. Not necessarily equally in everything but together in everything.

I have heard people saying that parenting is not sacrifices because when you use the word sacrifice then you are putting pressure on your children but I would say if it’s not sacrifice then it’s also not a la la land.

So, when you decide to bring a child in this world or sometimes by accident take the responsibility diligently. You are raising the next generation.

This Father’s Day make it special for your Father. Even a small gesture would mean a lot to him. Bring a smile on your Father’s face and in the meanwhile I am gonna bring to mine. 😊 And make sure to keep your parents with you in their old days. Doesn’t matter how hard it is. It’s precious and worth it.

This Father’s Day, sharing some Father’s Day gifts ideas/DIY, you can click the link below to see what all last minute ideas I have in store for you! Hope you like it and make one for yours & involve your little ones in the making…


So, even if you don’t have gifts to give to your Father just tell them what you remember about your childhood memories with them and what did you like most about it. I am sure that would make them super emotional and happy❤️ please don’t be shy to do that. And later thank me😉😀

Wishing you all amazing Fathers, a very Happy Father’s Day!

Respect & Hugs Mamma_mita

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