This Covid time has taught me to be more patient, to be calm and to not reach out to things that are not necessary and still be content and happy about it. At the start of the lockdown it was more a feeling of prison and as the days passed by I am at peace with the calmness this has provided. I can still be mad and sad about the situation, but I choose not to. This situation has also taught me that your approach and behavior towards life should not be dependent on external factors. The external factors keep on changing and sometimes change drastically (like now) and if you are detached to these situations then you stay in the same state no matter what happens around you.

I feel privileged now rather than complaining about my life. I see that I am still in a better situation than many out there and I am grateful to God for that. Being content with whatever I have is one of the biggest learnings for me out of this situation. There are several other underprivileged people who are fighting this current crisis very hard. My heart goes out to them and the more I think about them I feel helpless and worthless.

This quarantine time has brought many positive things which I realized lately.

Most important being home with family, simply living a slow life which I think was much needed to give us a break from our daily busy life. After all this is over I am sure, most of us are going to miss this time of being home together or we would admit that however life is, we shouldn’t be complaining.

During these chaos, the one who have beautifully executed and are executing their life are the kids. And they are still coping up with it beautifully without questioning the new life. We think so much about quarantine, lock down and find it hard because we are so used to certain things in life that we find it difficult to adjust in a new environment. Kids do not find it that hard to adjust. kids are flexible. Honestly, kids never complain. Even in this Corona times they are not complaining but are rather happy and excited about the least that they can get out of it. They have been the best ones to tackle this new normal with their innocence, understanding and lots of why s , when and how s which is quite obvious!

Though there are several things we can learn from our kids, one important thing is how to be happy with new change and be flexible enough to accept things as it is and act accordingly.

So what am I doing these days & What are my Kids up to ?

Spending some time with paints

During these social distancing days, we are spending the days learning new things and inhibiting new things in our daily routine life. Since the lockdown and social distancing days, it has been a challenge to keep the kids mentally and physically fit, busy and active. Along with it, the responsibility of studies also hover around.

We have a routine life. Including physical activities, some games, crafts, half an hour screen time some days. Though I am not so strict with the routine, I love to practice these activities over the day as it makes the day more productive.

We practice No Television and I don’t know how you are going to react If I say we don’t have a Tv at our home. First reason being minimalist & second being not so good idea when you have kids.

And honestly it saves a lot of time and we end up finishing everything we plan on a daily basis. And whenever you sit as a family you talk instead of staring at the TV. Sometimes, looking at my kids I think that it must be hard on them, they must be having a hard time but actually it’s me who was thinking like that. I have never heard my child saying why we do not have a TV.

Honestly, being a full time mom I am pretty much doing almost the same things which I am used to. This time it’s a bit more more as all the boys are home 24*7. I am loving all the extra help from my boys. Having some quality time together with them. It’s just “Us”. The best part is our meal time. We have our lunch together in our garden. Constantly managing one kid or the other but together. It’s so busy from the time I wake up till I go to bed that I hardly get time to be bored or think about negative stuff or doing anything else.

Now, the thing is that I have never been asked what I do sitting at home all day?! But I would like to say that this is the good time to realize the things that a stay at home PARENT does all the time.

After the initial few days of lockdown I started making some time for my hobbies which gives me good energy at the end of the day. Trying to do things which I always wanted to do.

It includes cooking our favorite dishes, balancing a healthy lifestyle, homeschooling kids, planting, painting, crafts (somedays), activities with the boys. Honestly now I feel that I am used to having my boys around so much that I am now wondering about how it’s going to feel when things will get back to previous routine life. 😃

The biggest concern that I have, in these times,with Kids around at home is giving them enough time. Now that they have relatively more time to be at home with us, we need to also give them more time proportionally. Sometimes I can not give my child more time in terms of activities and one to one conversation. Sometimes, I forget to tune into online classes for him with his friends and teachers. But things happen and we kinda let it be easy on us for a happy and healthy (mentally) life.

We as a family make sure we make the most out of this current phase while taking all the precautions, rather we will spend this time with the flow without putting much pressure on ourselves in terms of activities, crafts, homeschooling and others. I have literally gone with the flow considering that I have a baby of ten months old. But I would always plan things up for the next day.

My child learned to have a quiet time, playing on his own. He took up some good habits like exercising in the morning (though not everyday and depends on his mood)

We take it slow every morning, nothing to hurry up, nowhere to go, taking our own time and indulging in things we love to. First thing in the morning is snuggles on bed and a lot of hugs and kisses. If you are already doing it. It’s always nice to do so. Kids feel Loved and happy.

We started decluttering, cleaning plastic items and converting the glass, paper items into useful one as much as possible.

Some days we just go with the flow. we do have routine life but we are not strict with it. But bedtime routine is what we are strict with as our morning starts early.

Some of the DIY s we do together with my kids.While keeping the quarantine and Locked down in my mind in terms of easily available items). You can also involve your little ones. Hope you like it and if you give it a try don’t forget to share and tag me.

So Incase you are finding it hard with kids and other people around being 24 hrs at home then well I hope below mentioned things works for you-

  • Make sure not to entertain kids 24*7. Give them some time to get bored. Actually I mean some quiet time. It helps them to be creative. It actually does.
  • Read books(story or anything with beautiful pictures) to the kids.
  • Try to make a routine life. That way kids are also disciplined and they become aware of what is expected from them. Having said so expecting too much from the kids is not appreciable.
  • Try to be more understanding towards them.(sometimes they come up with lots of questions and answer them as much as you can)
  • Educate them about this current crisis and what they should do and what they shouldn’t.
  • Teach them basic guidelines to take preventive measures.
  • Work towards building a stronger immunity.
  • Take it easy and with positivity towards life.
  • Involve them in chores (it’s one of the nice ways to engage and bond with them)
  • Play with them or engage into something that you and your kids Love.
  • If they insist on watching iPad or tv . Then please allow them to do so for half an hour or 45 mins while trying to make them watch something useful like animal planet or any other useful things.

Remember, it takes 21 days to make a routine life and three months to a lifestyle, so patience is the required and consistency is the key.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get started for a healthy, happy and mindful life.

While I talk all about me and my family during this lockdown , I am not forgetting the people who are having a hard time because of this crisis. There are many who are suffering and honestly I feel worthless about myself. Sometimes I stop thinking about it as it’s too much for me to sink in. But I hope my prayers for them can make it better but I know without actions nothing happens.

So as soon as the lock down is over don’t take things too easy. Keep using masks, sanitizers and wash your hands regularly. Follow WHO and UNICEF guidelines.

And whatever this covid19 has taught us or made us realize, keep it with you. Work for it and live a happy, healthy life while making it easy for needy people. Hold your near ones dearly. Offer help to the needy. Be kind to everybody you see in need.

Spread happiness, kindness not virus..

Happy and healthy life !

Love ❤️& Hugs🤗 Mamma_mita

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