A mother while doing what she loves and simultaneously checking on her sleeping baby on phone

This Mother’s Day I am going to talk about something which we mothers usually don’t or are not comfortable about.

A mother always puts her children first and on priority. And we should continue doing so and I think it’s the greatest responsibility on us to bring up a child and nurture for the next generation. But at times, Mothers are taken for granted.

Along with this great opportunity, we should also start giving ourself some time in terms of self care, things to do what interests us etc etc. I know many of us find it hard, including me. But hard times are never going to stay forever. So, breathe, and go with the flow!

Sometimes, Friends who call me super mom and say how beautifully I am managing things with two children around and specially with no maid. Those are the moments which many a times make me realize that these compliments are not really justified completely, even though it feels good to hear that. There is a whole another side to the story which usually is not visible. I want to open up today about that side so that you all know that I am not super human.

I have my low moments as a Mother. keeping it real this time as well. Yes!! That’s being honest. I decided to talk about my motherhood failure moments.

First scenario- Few days ago, when I was making my 9months baby sleep. ( it’s was almost more than an hour that I have been trying to do so and I was tired. I wanted to work on certain things after he fell asleep) Suddenly my almost 5year boy comes with a loud noise into the room. Lil one got up with eyes wide open and gave his brother a big smile (as If a big gorilla has captured him and his big brother has come to rescue). I lost my mind and with a very loud voice I asked him to go to his room.(It was mean, I realized later). And then Daddy falls into prey and I asked him as well with a very loud voice to take this lil monkey and make him sleep. (angrily). He came and took the lil one without saying a word.I tried to close my eyes for a bit realizing what the hell I did. And with all the mom guilt After few mins I went to kitchen to drink some water (also to check on these boys) and I hear lil one crying out loud. He fell with his head down. I ran and again got loud on daddy. I asked him to handover the lil one to me. He refused. I insisted and he refused again. I started crying by looking at my lil one thinking it’s all my fault. Again I tried to taKe him from daddy and he said he can take care of him. This made me angry again and I said Yes! I can see that !(Even after knowing that He is a very caring father). And then he gave our lil one to me. I cuddle him and realized that I shouldn’t have done what I did. (that I had already realised few mins back before going to the kitchen)

Second scenario- recently I scolded Reyansh badly for hurting lil unintentionally.There are few such scenarios where I have been really not good at.

I am trying hard to get rid of the scolding habit. Yes, I do mistakes and I am just like any other mother who is trying hard to manage things in life, trying to do the best for the kids. Simultaneously struggling hard to find time for what I love to do.

Honestly, I feel bad about myself for such moments and promise not to repeat such behaviour. But then I repeat it somehow.

Next time when you see my happy posts don’t assume that it’s all cake walk and I don’t have my lows.

I thought this Mother’s Day, when you read my blog you shouldn’t feel like how I can do things so smoothly. Rather it should give you a feeling like we all are Mothers ( trying and struggling our best, each one of us and doing it everyday) It’s absolutely Fine! That means you are trying.

My love for my children is immeasurable just like all the Mothers.

My Precious🥰

This Mothers Day, One of the things that we are including in our daily life routine. (Before that always remember, everything doesn’t work for everybody. So, do things a bit in your own way or modify things according to your schedule or routine.)

  1. Meditation- we all know it’s benefits so let’s not go into this. Rather how to make kids meditate.(a very important thing to teach kids) yes! You read that right! It has numerous positive effects on us. I can already see within us and my lil one.

-Start for few secs for few days and gradually increase the time. 15 minutes is well enough.
-Best time to do that is just after you wake up.
-Involve the little ones in meditation.

Mother’s Day conversation with little one!

I asked Reyansh few questions about Me, his answers-
Me- Reyansh, do you know, which is mamma s fav colour?
Reyansh- I don’t know
Me- whats Mamma s favourite Food?
Reyansh- I don’t know
Me- what Mamma s fav thing to do?
Reyansh- working all day, cleaning, cooking, shouting..
Me-Tomorrow is Mother s Day! What are you planning?
Reyansh- when is Father s Day? Then I will plan something

No, it didn’t hurt me nor offended me rather I was laughing with his replies. He is a daddy junkie. It was just a matter of that moment. He is just five years and he does not need to remember my likes and dislikes. And that’s also probably because no one speaks to him about his Mother’s likes and dislikes. That’s absolutely Fine!

Hug them kiss them a little more and tell that ❤️“You(kids) are the best!”❤️
Smt. B.M. Choudhury, with her Grandson

Then my mother came to my mind and I asked the same questions to myself and I did not have an exact answer to each of those questions. I realised where I stand now, in terms of knowing all about my mothers favourite things. But I am sure she is Happy with me.

Things that I have learned from her. Though there are plenty but according to me the one most important is how to live a minimalist life. She would always nag me for not buying things unnecessarily!
My Mother s name is Smt. B.M. Choudhury. (Felt like writing her name after long). She is a house maker (always gives me a proud feeling while saying this) or rather I would put it like She is the Home minister of our family. She has an excellent managing skills. She would not spend a penny on her but will buy for her children. No not the things if she thinks that’s of no use or not needed😀 Even if we cry hard😛
But she is kind enough to spend on needy people and serving them food.

Some of the DIY s for Mother S Day! (While keeping the quarantine and Locked down in my mind in terms of easily available items). You can also involve your little ones. Hope you like it and if you give it a try don’t forget to share and tag me. https://nl.pinterest.com/choudhury5014/boards/

Feel good even if your lil ones doesn’t bring you a gift, doesn’t wish you, trust me they are going to come to you before going to bed (if not co sleeping) or sleep with you holding you tight😀 (if co sleeping)

And also be happy when you see other Mothers posting their Mothers Day clicks and gifts with their lil ones. These are the simple pleasure for a Mother.❤️

But the grownups, from you a lot much is expected. So, if you couldn’t get a gift for your mom due to this lockdown just give her a call and have a heart out one on one conversation.

Trust me, A mother doesn’t want much!❤️ Only some Quality time with her children.

A mother is born not to perfect everything but to try, fail and succeed in things she does – Moi

Happy Mother Day to surrogate mothers, mothers by adoption, to single mothers, to mothers who are no longer with us, to ones who lifts and supports other moms and to Fathers who are both.

Once again, Wish you all fabulous Mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day! Most importantly, take it easy on yourself today.😍

Please do not forget to do your bit for Mother Nature as well on this Mother s Day and everyday!

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Love ❤️and Hugs🤗

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