This current chaos or should I say the new normal, has taken over the world and a large part of population freaking down because of this is also quite normal.But when I see so many privileged people complaining about lock down and questioning these current scenarios, I can not think much but ponder over the situation.

All except few are currently in a privileged state and any complains from that lot is sad.The most affected ones are the underprivileged, daily wage workers and the frontline health workers and first and foremost the covid19 patients. If you are none of those then please stop complaining.

Some say that this is the way of nature punishing people for what they have done to Mother Earth.What message are we taking from this new normal ? Well, suddenly this current chaos has also brought our focus on climate change.People are thinking Covid 19 is a way of healing Mother Earth.Then let me tell you it’s still NOT!

It’s still a long way to go and a lot more conscious steps and actions are required.

How can earth take away many innocent people’s life & harass underprivileged people.Looking at bluer sky, beautiful roads, pictures of different places, if we think earth is getting back to its track, then no, not so soon. It’s only because of less use of vehicles, less shopping, less garbage on road, less wildlife exploitation, etc. that we see a bit of difference here and there but the truth is that it’s going to take its own time and needs more conscious efforts rather than some forced one like Covid 19 lockdown.

If we really want to act on this emergency and live in a beautiful healthy environment, which we all want desperately, then we must stop fast fashion, deforestation, exploiting animals, plastic use, planting more, less use of vehicles and the list just goes on.And then you inhale some fresh air and see wildlife adding their beauty to this planet.

I hope we don’t forget it when things become normal and we start taking things for granted again. It counts even if one person starts taking measures regarding this. Start doing things at individual level. There is no other planet to live which we all know so why exploit it.And yeah things are not going to change in a day but we need to start taking small steps towards it.

And the irony is that the Earth is not going to suffer due to our actions rather it’s us who will suffer. It’s we who are suffering and will suffer more if necessary actions are not done on our part.You take care of Mother Earth & it will take care of you. You exploit it and you are going to suffer. There is saying which says “What you sow so shall you reap”!

I am sure there are many who believe in this and are also acting upon climate change emergency. Let’s join them and do our bit.So, don’t assume earth is healing. It’s still long way to go. Just play your part honestly.

Recently, we showed our gratitude to Covid warriors, one who are working 24*7 on the frontline to deal with Covid 19 patients. We clapped for them, lighted a candle from our respective balconies as a small appreciation gesture.And then few exceeded to show their gratitude by bursting firecrackers. I mean it’s so irresponsible of people doing that.

This lockdown and the social distancing has other positive sides of it. Focusing on the brighter side of it, for me this lockdown has at least brought some stable pace to my life and I am able to consciously take decisions and actions with respect to making Earth to what it deserves.

I am a minimalist but this new normal taught me more about how life can be spent with minimalism. Minimum food, minimum makeover, minimum fashion, etc.

But I am sure things will be back to normal sooner or later because it’s human nature to forget the past and move on. On one side this is a good thing and on the other not so good if you do not learn from the past for your better future. I, for sure I am going to remember the learnings I got and keep it through my life.

With all this I just wish and see more people coming together to do their best to nurture this one living planet for many generations to come. It’s always nicer to share the things we are doing towards greener earth.It helps in true sense! Be kind enough towards each other during this crisis.

If you create then it’s Heaven and if you destroy its Hell!! What will you choose?! I am sure, not Hell!

Let’s start working on New Earth from New Normal!!

Sharing some lines of a song from my mother tongue(odia, Indian origin)

  • Bande utkala Janani.. (Glory to you Mother Utkala)
  • Charu hasamayi charu bhasamayi.. (How Charming your smiles, how charming your voice).
  • Janani janani janani. (Oh my Motherland)
  • Puta payodhi bidhouta sharira.. (The sacred seas serve you for your ablutions)
  • Talatamala susobhita tira (Your shores adorned with palm trees tall and green)
  • Shubhra tatinikula shikara shamira.. (Balmy breeze blowing by the beauteous streams)
  • Bande utkala janani…(Glory to you Mother Utkala )

Stay safe!

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