Breastfeeding is one of the greatest ways to bond with your baby. As most of us know, it is recommended by WHO as well.(World health organization)

Breastfeeding is considered the best for your child and for you in many ways. And in this blog, I will be revealing things from my experience as well.

If you are a pro or say confident in feeding your baby everywhere and anywhere you go and do not bother about those onlookers who are oggling at you with those weird faces, then you must continue doing so.

Breast feeding goes well if you have a supportive partner.

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you must go for it. And you can continue doing so as long as you and your child are comfortable.

Breastfeeding facts:

• Get prepared for the same. You should be mentally and physically ready for it. There are few things that you need to keep in mind which really helps in a smooth experience.

• Because of, after delivery contractions, breast feeding becomes painful in the initial days. It stays nearly for 2-3 days and slowly goes away.

• As soon as you give birth, ask the doctor or midwife that you would like to have your baby on you for skin to skin touch.( Only if the baby is born healthy and doesn’t need any medication).Try latching the baby at the very same moment. Initially baby won’t be able to do it but soon they will take it. Babies are very much used to sucking thumbs inside mother’s womb, which helps in easy breastfeeding just after the birth.

• Do not worry if the baby is not drinking or not getting enough milk in 24 hours. They have sufficient food in the cord and in their little stomach already for that period of time. You need to keep trying to latch on every two to three hours as this stimulates milk production. Initially, the more the baby latches, the more is the milk production.

• Incase baby finds it difficult to latch, use a nipple shield or a nipple cap.

• Mother’s first milk is called colostrum. Colostrum is light yellowish first milk. It contains antibodies which protects the baby from several diseases and strengthens immunity. It has great importance in baby s health.

• Breastfeeding your baby for atleast 6 months is necessary and more if both are comfortable.

• Try to give both the sides equally.

• You must latch the baby in proper positions. Improper latching positions cause stress to the baby and then they start avoiding breast feeding. I have listed some feeding positions further down in this post.

• During your pregnancy, you get those nipple cracks and it turns hard as well, because of that babies after birth have trouble to latch on. So it’s important that you work on them to keep it suitable for feeding.

• Wash and clean the cracked nipples with cotton cloth everyday to make it soft and to get away with those cracked feeling. This is very important and helpful. You can also use nipple cream which is easily available in medicine stores.

• You should take multivitamins while breastfeeding, mainly Vitamin A, C, D, E K, H, B12, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6.

• Avoid mercury rich seafood,(e.g Tuna, shark, etc), alcohol and caffeine.

• To prevent baby from biting nipple while breastfeeding, put your little finger in between baby’s gums in the corner of his mouth.

• One more thing you can do is to call the baby with some unusual sounds and divert baby so that baby leaves it by herself/ himself.

• Avoid pulling the baby suddenly from the breasts when he/she bites, as that can scare the baby and they can start crying.

• There are certain medicines that can be taken during breastfeeding but mostly you cannot take any antibiotics and other medicines because they are not safe for your baby. So, check with your breastfeeding specialist before consuming any kind of medicines or antibiotics.

• Don’t worry if baby poops watery. That’s normal because of a mother s milk. And it will continue until Baby starts eating solids or changes to Formula Milk.

Skin to skin touch – skin to skin touch is something you can continue to do for few months to help bond with your baby. Babies feel comfortable and soothed by the warmth of your body, your heartbeat and vibration of your voice.

So, no matter if you do breast feed or feed Formula Milk to your baby, you should try doing skin to skin touch anyway.

How do you know whether your baby is feeding well?

⁃ Keep a check on baby’s diaper and see if he/she is peeing already. Check the weight of the used diaper regularly.

⁃ Eat healthy and bigger portions now. Because when you eat healthy, baby gets all the essential nutrients from your milk. So eat healthy, take care of yourself. Some days (1-2)there will be less production of milk but do not worry because again the graph will go higher. Include a lot green vegetables in your diet.

Advantages of Breast feeding:

• Mothers milk is the best as it has antibodies that strengthens the immune system and thus keeps the baby healthy.

• It prepares baby to fight certain diseases in future.

• Its easily digestible. And so the baby gets less stomach cramps compared to FM.

• Breastfeeding also saves you a lot on those store bought infant milk and I am sure which is not better than a mother’s milk.

• Breastfeeding acts as contraceptive.

• Breastfeeding helps to shed those extra kilos you put on during pregnancy and gets you back in shape as before.

• Breast milk also serves as a great nasal drop for baby in cold.( only one drop in each nostrils )

• It also acts as good ointment for your sore nipples, after every feeding.

What to do incase your baby doesn’t latch on and you are worried to give him/her your milk?!

⁃ Use breast pump to express the breast milk, then give it to the baby. But if you keep on using pump later on then its exhausting.

⁃ keep trying to latch the baby directly on your breasts. And if things doesn’t work don’t force yourself and the baby.

⁃ Clean the nipples everyday as sometimes you get fungal infection.

⁃ For any other concerns, please contact a breastfeeding specialist. 

Proper common Latching positions

Reclined feeding – You feed the baby by holding the baby and you sitting reclined using a pillow at your back

Football hold – This is done using nursing pillow around your belly and waist and holding the baby on his side on it and feeding

Lying on the side- This is feeding the baby in sleeping position lying on your sides.

Australian Hold

(Attaching a picture for your reference) picture source : Pinterest

Formula milk

Coming to Formula milk, always remember it’s not poison. Incase you can’t breastfeed or do not want to, you can choose a good Formula Milk.

Or in some cases what can be done is a mother can use breast pump to express her milk and feed the baby using the bottle for first few months. Then you can switch to Formula milk.

The latching positions in the above picture also depends on baby s age. e.g. back lying, side lying cradle and Australian hold are not safe for a newborn baby.

Formula Milk Facts

• Before buying any Formula Milk, please check the nutrition chart at the back side of the container.

• Make sure it has no sugar

• Feed Formula milk to baby as per the norms written on the container

• Don’t feed the Formula Milk which has been kept at room temperature for long( longer than 45 mins)

• As the feeding frequency increases or if you are coming back to house after an outdoor trip, please sterilise the feeding bottles well.

My personal experience and views:

Myself mom of two kids, have both the experience.

Personally I liked breastfeeding as I find it easy and convenient.

Then you don’t have to sterilize the bottles everyday, make milk and if the milk stays in room temperature for more than 45 mins you need to throw it. The whole process was bit tiring for me. Even during the night, it’s difficult to make formula milk.

The Formula milk that are available in few countries are very reliable and is of good quality. But there are few which are not.

Taste a spoon of it before giving it to the baby. Some tastes very sweet. I can’t name the brand but its not at all good for the babies.

Having said so, I do not discourage formula milk for babies. It’s totally upto you mommies, what you choose, after all you know what’s best for you and your baby.

You can also give baby both formula milk and your milk.

I understand it’s pretty much hard for the mammas who have twins and are working in office. So, choose what you feel good for your babies and yourself. Listen to people around but you decide.

Breastfeeding is exhausting sometimes and even more worse, if you dont eat properly.

So, mammas, you choose what is best for you and the baby.

Happy Feeding!

Please leave a comment on the blog if you need to know any more details. If you find it useful please like and share.

Please leave a comment on the blog if you need to know any more details. If you find it useful please like and share.

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