Before I share some basics about healthy pregnancy let me tell you one thing. Pregnancy is not a sickness. It’s all about you and a life inside you. You do need extra attention and care, but you are stronger than before.

During pregnancy, both the mother’s and baby’s health is equally important. It’s said that if you take care of yourself, follow healthy habits then it becomes a healthy lifestyle. So healthy mamma, healthy lifestyle, healthy baby.

Based on my experience, research, and learning I would like to share few facts hoping that the expectant mothers would find it helpful. Remember, everyone’s body is different. It’s up to you how much you want to be active and how much rest you want to take.

• Start healthy lifestyle even before conceiving – by this I mean, start your morning with something healthy like fruits, nuts then eat small portions frequently. 

• Do not eat for two during pregnancy (it’s a myth).

• Eat more veggies as in initial days you and your baby need more iron. 

• Keep two hours gap between eating iron rich food and dairy products because eating iron-rich foods with any dairy products breaks down the iron, and then your body doesn’t absorb iron as much as it should do.

• Eat vitamin C rich foods as that will help your body to absorb more iron.

• No undercooked meat, red meat, undercooked eggs, undercooked anything.

• No alcohol, no smoking, and cut out on caffeine intake. (this has really been helpful during my pregnancy as I don’t have these drinking habits)

• Drink a glass of milk every day, mostly before going to bed or in the morning after breakfast.

• Don’t forget to take your vitamins as prescribed by your doctor/midwife.

• Try to keep your body active as much as possible; by this, your blood sugar levels remain healthy. But don’t drain or exhaust yourself.

• If you like to join a maternity yoga class, then it’s really good to go for.

• Don’t push yourself to the extreme and take it easy.

• Always carry a water bottle, water wipes and sanitizer with you wherever you go.

• You can go for a brisk walk in a pollution-free environment. 

• Listen to your body and don’t google everything, it’s confusing and sometimes scary.

• For any concerns and medical conditions, consult your doctor or midwife.

• Include a spoon of desi ghee every day in your diet. (Grandma’s tips always work)

• Avoid too much sweets or sugary items as during pregnancy our body tends to get the gestational diabetes which is then not good for both mamma and the baby. If at all you have a sweet tooth, then it’s better to consume sweets (off-course in little amount) that are made at home. The body’s rate in absorbing sugar amount doubles during pregnancy so eating one cake slice worth of sugar in non pregnant phase is equivalent to eating half a slice when you are pregnant.

• Give yourself a good rest, sleep well and enjoy as much as possible. Mostly during the last trimester as you would need all that energy during your labour and delivery.

• Remember baby’s health as well as your health are equally important. So, don’t ignore yourself.

• Choose something which keeps you active like walking, doing some house chores, climbing stairs, going out in fresh air, cycling(on smooth and flat road off-course), try to take a walk while talking over phone.

• During the last trimester, keep a check on your baby’s movement. Baby must move 10 times in every two hours. (In my case it was quite less and that’s why I would go for scanning on those last days just to find out if baby is doing well). Sometimes the babies just sleep for longer in your womb.

• In case you don’t feel your baby moving, lie down on your left side for minimum one hour, put your hands on your belly and try to awaken the baby.( in my case I would feel him mostly when I was sitting back so I would try that) Remember, every baby is different and so as their behaviour. So, try what suits you best.

• Find pregnant friends to gel with, if you like.

Yoga class with one inside and one by my side😉
(Dont consume kombucha in pregnancy)

Travelling tips-

• Hydrate yourself well.

• Carry a steel bottle, some healthy snacks, multivitamins, Vitamin D.

• Wear a comfortable attire cause, girl you need to pee every now and then specially in the last trimesters (because of the baby(ies) weight coming on to the bladder).

• During flight journey, take small walks inside the flight that helps in blood circulation for your legs and relieves stress in the body.

• Keep your luggage light and as needed.

• Keep a note of every little thing you need to do, appointments, planned activities etc. (In case you forget things like me)

• Don’t forget to keep some cash and mostly the currency of the country you are visiting.

• Carry some easy to take food items with you and always clarify the ingredients before buying any food items on the journey(I had not so pleasant experience in the aircraft where I was very hungry, and they were not accepting bank cards. Luckily my husband had an Indian debit card that luckily worked as a credit card and we bought a chicken sandwich without clarifying all the ingredients. After taking a few bites, I realized that something is different, and I asked my husband to check, and he said it’s meat. That moment I felt like throwing up. They called it a chicken sandwich, but the meat was mixed in it. When I went to ask about it, they said they only have that. And I am a lady who doesn’t much believe in messing up.

• Travel with friends you are comfortable with.

• Do not sit for longer time.

• For road trips try to take small breaks, at least one in every hour.

If you love to read, l would suggest you to read Rujuta Diwekar’s pregnancy notes: before, during and after. It did have a lot of impact on my pregnancy. I found about it in my second pregnancy. Hope somebody could have told me about this before. So, sharing with you all and yes, it’s not a promotion or advertisement but rather an honest feedback.

So overall take excellent care of yourself, be active, listen to your body, give up junk as much as possible (this also includes the juice you buy from the stores as it has processed sugar in it).

Please do share with other fellow mammas you know. After all, sharing is caring. Also let me know what that one most important tip you have for pregnancy, in the comments below. Really looking forward to it.

Because #idontknoweverything and #itsok

I hope to bring you many more such useful tips and experiences in future. Some may come as very new as probably nobody told you that before. So, stay tuned☺️

Happy and safe pregnancy to all the expectant mothers🤰reading this! Enjoy the phase as much as possible❤️

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