PREGNANCY, the term which brings good news for some, scary for some and unwanted for some. It’s a feeling, emotion as well as great responsibility to cherish. Every pregnancy differs from another, and it’s quite an experience.

Myself, mom of two beautiful kids, likes to see the positive side of it. And who will not?!

When I conceived for the first time, it was such an unrealistic moment as I didn’t believe it, but in my mind, it was always like wanting to. I was so concerned like every new mom would be, that I should have a clean eating habit throughout it. I followed healthy eating habits. Though I didn’t have any mood swings or any preferred taste. I have been doing almost everything till my last trimester. Not just because here we can’t afford keeping a house help but also my OCD(Obsessive cleaning disorder). I love to do my work. It’s like passion and so therapeutic for me. I was starting from cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, going for a walk, carrying those heavy grocery bags, climbing stairs. I was pretty much doing everything but was being careful at the same time. I listened to my body. I did what I thought I could, off-course with my midwife s consult. It didn’t take that long to see my child s face for the very first time. The deliveries were without painkillers. Thanks to my husband and his smart mind. He played the trick.

Both of us, me and my husband always wanted two children.

During the second pregnancy, I did eat junk sometimes. You know that’s about taking things a bit easy. During the first trimester, I was a bit moody. That’s probably the hormones🤪, but I continued doing everything and a bit extra because I had a toddler by that time. Sometimes, to meet his emotional aspects was a bit hard with that big belly. I took him in my arms and my lap, and it would make me and him happy, while at the same time I would be worried about my unborn.

Climbing on the kitchen slab for getting things down from those high cupboards with that big belly was a bit tough. I hope my husband doesn’t read this.

He would warn me though every time he goes to the office. He would say you don’t do anything. I will come, and I will do it. But I know nobody can do my stuff better than me. He knows that I can’t sit doing nothing at all.

I was very much confident about what I was doing. And this time, I had the fastest delivery. I ended up giving birth to my second one within 45 mins. Aah, that’s another story! I remember going for scanning on those last days of my pregnancy as I would be worried about baby not moving. Also, the same day I delivered my second child, I was there for another scanning in the hospital. 

During the night, I had my first contraction and a bit unusual, so I called my midwife. She explained to keep a check to certain things and asked me to take paracetamol and sleep. I didn’t take paracetamol. And I went to bed, then I started counting my contractions, and I felt the next contraction in the next 40 mins and then each contraction in every five minutes. I knew it’s time. I called the midwife. She asked me to reach the hospital as soon as I can. My husband booked a taxi, and after twelve(12) mins the taxi guy called back to say that they can’t find a driver now. All the neighbours were on holiday as it was that time of the year.

Then the midwife called my husband back, by God’s grace midwife said she is going to come to pick us. By that time, I started throwing up. The labor started. Thankfully my mother and grandmother were there with my elder kid. We reached the hospital. And with that big roar like a lion, the lil one came in a few mins. Pretty much filmy. Even I couldn’t believe that I did it. That was really fast!!

After everything was done, the midwife comes and asks me, when are you planning the third one?! And both of us looked at each other and shared that glance🧐

She gave me the reason that I deliver so fast! Funny,Yeah it was! But my midwife is super sweet.

We came back home with our baby on the same day, in fact, within a few hours.

My elder one woke up and was quite surprised to see three of us. I said to him that we went to the hospital to get the baby. Here is your little baby brother. He was so mesmerised by him. 

Aaahhh, it wasn’t so easy, but trust me all worth it!

During my first pregnancy, I have traveled in the second trimester.

And during the second one, we went to  USA around the seventh month of pregnancy. Enjoying the trip with the dearest ones. They would take care of every lil things about me from dinning in almost every different restaurants to making some delicacies at home then throwing a surprise party. I was very comfortable around these friends and happy to meet my family there.

My body would get tired sometimes, but my mind never. 

Hello world!

Many people would tell me that you should have two children, it’s good to have two kids. Nobody told me how special it would be to see them together, to see my baby becoming a big brother, witnessing the pure love when they meet first time, being worried for not being able to make each of them feel special and important, not meeting their emotional needs at the same time, how guilty I would feel when not being my best every day and how hard it would be as well as worth!

Would love to hear about your experience and the one thing that bothered you most during your pregnancy days.

Happy and safe pregnancy to all the expectant mothers reading this and best wishes to new mothers!

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Love and Hugs️