The trip which we all were most excited for. We reached Barcelona, our first stop!
There we took the hop on hop off to see the tourist places. And it went all well. From there we head to our next stop bunol, where La Tomatina festival was about to happen.

Next stop we reached was Bunol. All ready for the Tomatina event. Little that we know what’s going to happen next. Looking at the crowds, little one becomes uncomfortable, and we decided that mama and the little one will wait in the nearby park till others experience the Tomatina festival.

Ready for the fest

Before going into the event, it is mandatory to keep all your belongings in a locker. And we did exactly that. No money, no phones.

So, it was a long wait of 3-4 hrs, my little one waiting in the park in the scorching heat. After a couple of hours, little one asked me for water. It’s then that I realised something is going to happen. I was helplessly asking him to wait for a few mins. After a few mins again he asked for water and some food. I started panicking, helpless, tears started rolling down. With no money in hand, I never felt so helpless. I started looking for people who were carrying a bottle of water. Luckily I found a group of Indian women. I asked them for water. They gave me a bottle of water. After having water, my little one said he wants to eat pizza. Yes, the ladies were having a pizza party. I asked them, can I take a slice? And I couldn’t control my tears again. They were very kind to ask me for the details. I told them the whole situation. They offered me 20euros, which I denied first, but then I kept it thinking I should keep it for a worse situation. I was tensed about my friends because I couldn’t see them while I can see many others coming back from the event. Then I decided to sit in the park so that when they come, they can find me.
And finally, they came like this 🙂

I couldn’t control my emotions, and I just screamed on my husband. ( even after knowing that he is not that irresponsible man). Then we hugged each other, and I explained to him the whole situation. It was very crowded to come out early.
Then I found one of the ladies from the group, and I gave back those 20euros, and my husband was thankful to them. And yes, I also couldn’t remember my husband phone number who was the only one having a phone in our group during the event.

Lesson learned!

After bunol, we continued our trip down south of Spain.

With the music and the scenic drive, we stop our car on the side of the road to enjoy a view. When we got down, we give the car keys to the little one as he was asking for it desperately. It was scorching heat, and the roads were burning like hell, so after some time, the little one with the key in his hand and I went inside the car to wear our shoes. And at that moment, little one forgets the keys inside, and we came out locking the car.
We realized this much later when we were supposed to get in the car. Nobody remembered who was having the car keys. Finally, we saw the key on the car seat. Six people locked out of the car with no water and no food.

And now, what???!
This scorching heat, no shade to sit under, no water with us. We all were locked outside the car.

I started feeling so embarrassed that it happened all because of my little one and I started getting a bit anxious and upset. I explained the situation to my little one so that next time he doesn’t ask the car keys. Fortunately, on the whole trip, he ever asked for it again as far as I remember.(you know it’s mommy’s memory)

We called for help, but they were unable to understand English. We tried in Spanish (tutifuti), and it helped. Now we had to wait for one hour. In the super hot weather, some were with shoes, and one without shoes…then to my surprise all are so chilled out, talking, clicking pictures, making fun. I was amazed by their patience level, understanding, love for the lil one. Loved the vibe❤

Finally, rescue people came, and we got our keys.

The next day we continued our amazing trip. The drive was around the coast line, so there were many scenic moments that we wanted to enjoy and capture.
This time again,
We stopped our car on the side for a view and some clicks.
It was night, dark and suddenly a man came and asked for a lift to a nearby place. He said because of our car parking; the local bus didn’t stop. Somehow, we girls were convinced and decided to give him lift. However, boys had a different view. They asked him, are you feeling good? Can you walk? Is it nearby or far away? And he said he is fine can walk, also very nearby. Then the boys asked him it’s better to walk then. You don’t have a family with you also. So walking won’t be a matter. And we get in our car for the journey ahead. Boys were furious on us as to how we can decide like that. It’s not always safe to do so. If something happens, what we will do?

Another lesson learned.

Continuing the same randomness in the trip, we decided to land on a random beach, to take some fresh air and enjoy nature. Since the drive was along the Spain coast line, it was not difficult to find a beach on the road. We reach there and relax, while boys dive in the water/sea to have fun. And guess what happens to our luck?! My husband got stung by jellyfish! And instantly he developed rashes all over his neck and back. But thankfully we had first aid on the beach who put some gel and said it’s not poisonous and in two days it will be ok!

Now, we laugh out loudly when we recall these exciting stories.

With these, there were many fun moments which are still fresh in our memories and one of the best trips so far.

I realised, what matters most is people you choose to travel with than the destination. Positive and happy people make a beautiful trip.

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Love & Hugs