Can we call them working mammas?
Yes, Special mention to the stay at home mammas. We do call office going Mammas as working Mammas, then why not Mammas working at home!

Can working be described or defined by the term salary only? Aahhh No at least not for the mothers. Since the day I have become a mother, I have realised what my parents must have gone through and how they have handled everything so well. The realisation is every day.
Both Mammas(office going and working at home) are the same in terms of their role, but the challenges, struggles differ. The only difference, I feel between working at home mammas and office going mammas is the salary.They are very much happy doing what they do on everyday basis.

Office going mammas work all day long and get a salary.
They keep missing their child during office hours. And few even worry about their child, struggle to spend quality time together, and want to enjoy those little moments. And they are doing their best to juggle between office work and household work. While sometimes working at home mammas need some self-time and break from their daily routine.
I know many such working at home mammas who do their job in the best possible way of raising their kids, handling household work, financial stuff. They work all day to maintain a routine and happy life. But the struggle is real.

The silliest part is, in spite of being a mother, we always judge each other. Each of them has their own challenges in upbringing their child. But, we being women, judge other women a lot of times instead of uplifting each other. I know a few women who are very cordial and supportive of each other and do not hesitate to compliment others. Isn’t that a nice thing to do? Yes indeed,all mammas feel for it. So, please motivate and encourage your fellow mammas, doesn’t matter whether she is office going mamma or working at home.
A woman is the one who encourages the other-other woman in their best and motivates in their worst.

Here, I would like to share a moment of me and my lil one.

Telling your baby about stay at home moms and the work and challenges it comes with, is important.
I remember, one day my lil one said mamma, only boys go to an office, girls don’t.
I realised then; this thing is coming in his mind by looking at me. Then I started showing him other working women. And I explained to him about the responsibility, staying at home mammas do on an everyday basis.
Now he says, his mamma works at home and papa works in an office. It was one of the biggest challenges that came in my way, which I hope, I was finally able to make it clear to him. And honestly, I didn’t give any stories, just kept it real. Whenever the lil one helps me in my work, or he is playing and doing his own stuff, he says, “Look Mamma, I am also working hard”. ☺ And I say well done my boy!❤

The term successful is not related to how much you earn, what position you hold in your career; rather being your best at what you choose for yourself.

It’s ok to choose a career being a mom. It’s also ok to choose to stay at home being a mom. It’s just a matter of choice. Whats important is what makes us happy and feel good about ourself. Finally a happy mind leads to happy family life, which is more important for the child and the family.🌻

Yes, no one can forget the pressure being build on working mothers both in office and at home by society. There are plenty. Let’s not go into it as it’s an endless discussion.

Society should stop judging people over their choice of life. But you can always find many positive people to boost you up. So, please choose them.

Let’s spread positivity in real life & not only in social medias, online.

So, my fellow mammas keep doing what you like to do, how you do it… keep sharing your journey and inspire many.

Best wishes from this Mamma.🌈🌸

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Love & Hugs