Traveling and going to new places is always exciting. I would rather spend on traveling to places than buying stuff to decorate my house.

But, what is more, amusing is traveling with babies/toddlers. Exciting or not depends on how we plan it. Surely, It needs so much planning, especially when you are going with a baby. Yes, we Moms surely do.

We with our little one have traveled a few countries as of now and also to our homeland India, three times since he is born. Our travel includes long journeys as well.

In this post, I would like to share the experience of traveling with my kid & what worked and also what didn’t work!
Let me start with what didn’t work, and of course, I learned from my experience.
My first visit with my little one was to India when he was nine months old. Yes, you heard that, right! And I was traveling solo with our baby. Though I was brave enough to go solo with him(really felt like wonder woman during the journey). I was confident but then deep inside a bit worried.

I carried one check-in baggage, one hand baggage, one baby bag, and yet another one with my relevant documents. There was a stroller with me as well. Though I have well arranged the stuff which I would need during my travel, somehow, with the baby, I shouldn’t have carried that much bags. Luckily there were helpful people around me. And there was also someone sitting next to me who helped. Our baby didn’t sleep in the bassinet throughout the flight journey. I had to hold him in my lap, to comfort him. Even while going to the toilet, I had to carry him with me. Standing in immigration in a long line with the baby was exhausting too. And then the luggage on the belt arriving three hours late. So, sometimes it’s not our fault also. But it was clear on that trip that we should always travel light.

So, now whenever we book a trip, next comes in mind is what to carry? How to Carry? Being a mother, we don’t want to give a miss to any important things and don’t mess up things as well.

So to start with, first, make a priority checklist what’s more important for your babies or toddlers.
What to keep with you and what to check in (in case traveling with flight)
How many bags to carry if traveling alone? ( of course, there is a luggage limit for every airline)

So, giving you guys a quick checklist on travel tips:

  1. Always carry what’s priority or the most important things you would need during your travel.
  2. If it’s infant, take a pair of clothes, socks, baby blanket,(as per the weather) diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, hand sanitizers, pacifiers(if using), feeding bottles(if not breastfeeding), moisturiser, vitamins,(as suggested by your doctor)nasal drops(if needed)warm water, milk/milk powder for babies ( if not breastfeeding), two favorite toys.
  3. Please always carry babies‘ medical documents wherever and whenever you travel.
  4. If it’s a toddler, bring wet wipes, hand sanitizer, dry wipes, two of his favorite toys, one new toy so that when he gets bored with the one, you can entertain with the new one in a long journey, this has worked for me. Storybook(if interested), coloring book(if interested).

These are the things which certainly need to be with you throughout the journey.
Then the other stuff can be packed separately.

Do’s and Dont’s of traveling:

  • Minimize your luggage bags.
  • Please do not carry unimportant stuff to overload yourself, especially while traveling solo with a baby/toddler.
  • Travel light as much as possible.
  • Baby’s thing is more important than your fashion and your clothes. (I am not mean here, just saying that to have a fuss-free holiday.)
  • Always, wear comfortable attire while traveling with your baby/ toddler.
  • Also, make your baby wear comfortable clothes,(mostly cotton fabric is best).
  • Always carry a gentle sunscreen and mosquito repellant depending on the destination you are visiting.
  • Don’t keep your trip too intact to prevent the baby from getting cranky.

I mastered the art of traveling, now for sure, with the little one after our first India trip.😀 I always carry the essential things with me now, off-course the little one is the priority.😉

When in India

Traveling by flight:

  • During takeoff and landing, breastfeed or nurse the baby to ease the discomfort caused by the air pressure in their eardrums.
  • Check the airline’s infant policy before booking.
  • Take help from the flight attendant.
  • Mostly during security check-in, it’s mandatory to throw the water you are carrying for your toddler. So, don’t be worried, after boarding the flight, ask for hot water/ cold as per your need to the flight attendant. In case there is a delay in the flight schedule, get water from the restaurants/ shops inside the airport.

Traveling by road:

  • If its a road trip, take enough breaks in between for some fresh air, breastfeeding the baby, diaper change, some stretching and rest.
  • Play baby’s favorite tracks(if any) and make sure to keep baby’s favorite toys.

Related to Foodstuff:

When you travel from one country to another, there comes a difference in availability of food as well.
So, keep some healthy and dry stuff handy. You can also carry a boiled egg, or home cooked food, pancakes(healthier version), etc.
We must make the toddlers familiar with various type of foods. Having said this, I am not asking vegetarians to convert into non-vegetarians or vice versa. You can very much be your kind. The best to do is to carry fruits like banana, strawberries, oranges, and other fruits, which is excellent for babies and all. And you will find fruits, mostly everywhere. It just helps the toddlers, mammas to have a fuss-free journey. Otherwise, the kids suffer and also the respective mammas. So, keep munching on the fruits.


Sometimes, we are jet lagged when traveling to countries in different time zone. So, plan accordingly and take a few days extra to cope with that, so that you can have a wonderful trip.
Let the toddlers and babies sleep and take immense rest as they would need it. And I am sure you don’t like to see a cranky fussy child on your vacation/ holiday.

keeping involved…


  • Communicate with the toddlers about the place, where you are going to visit today, what you are going to do there.
  • The more you tell them and engage them its interesting for them as well.
  • Make sure the kid also has entertainment, not only the adults. Otherwise, they become cranky and lose interest in the trip.
  • Before the trip, tell them few things about what you are planning to do there.
  • Please don’t make stories just because you think they will not understand. Simplify your idea of the trip to them. They would ask you several questions, have patience, and keep answering as long as you know. They will understand it all.

Please don’t take pressure if something doesn’t go as per expectations. Travel to enjoy, rejuvenate, and a change in the routine. (which we all Mamas need sometimes)

My favorite part of any trip is when my little one gets enough sleep to enjoy the next day. And he remembers most of the spots we visit.

Please share what’s the favorite part of your trip with your baby, in the comments. Would like to hear them all!

Happy traveling!☺

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Love & Hugs